Prayers for World Peace

 0689Sunday Prayers for World Peace

Everyone wants a happy mind: less worry and conflict, more love, more joy. But to make that happen we need to actively train our minds. Applying the practice of meditation along with Buddha’s startling insights into the mind gives us the tools to actually begin to bring about the changes we long for.

The Inner Wealth of C0mpassion

Every living being has the same basic wish – to be happy and avoid suffering. In this series we will look at methods to train our minds to develop a deeper experience of universal compassion. Developing compassion brings true happiness into our daily lives.

Classes for kids are held at the same time in our small meditation room, please click here for more information.

Location: Kadampa Meditation Center Florida 730 N. Washington Blvd. Sarasota, FL 34236

Class is by donation – everyone welcome

“Our job is to pray for world peace – anytime, anywhere. With compassion, we make dedications and pray to develop and maintain inner and outer peace and harmony. We know there are so many dangers and problems arising right now, war and terrible things. We try to repair, to pacify, to cause all dangers and obstacles to cease through our prayers. With compassion, we pray every day for world peace, that the people of this world will experience peaceful and happy minds and meaningful lives. Through our pure intention, the power of our prayers and particularly through receiving blessings from enlightened beings, results will come, definitely. Our job is to pray.”

- Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, given at the opening of the US Kadampa World Peace Temple, October 2006